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VILLAGE OF SPACES “Welcome In” THE LPs and CASSETTES are SOLD OUT. There are some CDRs left though!

In our house the music of Dan Beckman and Amy Moon is always cause for celebration, their albums have possibly logged more hours on our turntable than those of any other living group.  Their newest album “Welcome In” delivers exactly what the name purports, an all inviting and inclusive experience that begs to spin late into the night and to greet you first thing in the morning. V.O.S are Constant purveyors of music reflecting life, reflecting music, reflecting life, “welcome in” plays out exuding the time and spirit that it comes from.
Each song feels as if it was lived in, before being etched in stone. At times you can feel the kids sleeping in the soft lullaby like quality of the vocals (welcome in, big blue, the wheel), at others it plods along making a bed for each foot to fall safely, threading and weaving with all that makes up a day (ancestral oak, treading lifting, precious load). Never failing to strike a balance between the timeless (river of time), and the sound collage of youth (5am birds, and beginning). “Welcome In” is the story of where we have been and where we are going, of what we are and what we hope to be. This is folk music in every sense of the word.
In many ways this album is the sum of everything Amy and Dan have recorded up to this point.  For those that are unfamiliar with their music “Welcome In” may be the best place to start in their amazing cannon. Either way, one thing is for sure, Village of Spaces has lit the path yet again upon this realm and the beyond. Writeup by Caleb Mulkerin




VILLAGE OF SPACES “Welcome In” CDr Turned Word #032  Edition of 100. Featuring offset printed and hand stamped artwork by the band. 

                                                           $10 Postage in the US paid.


                                           listen and or buy download http://villageofspaces.bandcamp.com/







                 ASA IRONS "Knife Gift Debt," crd/lp TRD WD #030   Edition of 500.  SOLD OUT!!!!!!

Asa Irons is a Terrra Mystic tradesman born in New Hampshire, USA.  A stonemason and carpenter by trade, he gracefully distills these salt of the earth qualities into song.  Havine been a central figure in the band Feathers, as well as playing in Witch, MV&EE, and Taboo, Asa is no stranger to spiritual/sonic environs.  His songs are meticulously crafted, yet maintain an open and humble feeling. On "Knife Gift Debt," Asa explodes his past recordings.  A stone foundation blossoms into a structure which can encompass the whole, all elements of this incredibly dynamic songwriter getting equal play.  Traditional folk forms still provide the backbone for these songs, but like all folk masterpieces, the rules yield to the artist's vision.  The now elaborate, lush arrangements of this new and original material are composed by Asa himself, and recorded and co-produced by Caleb Mulkerin and Micah Blue Smalldone.  The sound is sparse yet massive, cinematic and extremely intimate.  Asa has enlisted close friends Big Blood, Micha Blue Smalldone, Tom K, Janane Tripp and others to help carry out this vision.












                                  Turned Word # 026  Tracey Trance "PYPER KUB," LP



Denny Laine had a somewhat fresh and entergetic take on Buddy Holly's songwriting, as did Fleetwood Mac on their earlier Lps.  But the songcrafting that Tyler Larson of Tracey Trance carves out of a fascination for Holly comes off as a much more authentic yet original take on Rock and Roll's roots, before they were strangled, and bled dry by modern musceled up parameters.  This allows Tracey Trance's work in particular to feel un-paralleled in the modern world, without ever feeling like some kind of retro throwback.  Along with poignant lucidly plucked riffs and melodic hooks, is this totally sincere smoked out-law beachy exotica vibe that Larson has been working on for a long while now.......Whether he's playing portable keyboards, dragging hammond organs outta the side of a mini bus, jamming flutes, guitars or banjo, Tyler pulls it off in a most chill and hypnotic fashion.  Add some beautifully warm sky's the limit tape saturation and Pyper Kub becomes one of the best experimental pop records to come out in quite some time.  Previously self released on cassette.  


                       LP $15










Turned Word #25 AMPS FOR CHRIST-Circuits 2xLP

Folkcore originators kick out 2 LPS of classic ,original and Traditional Folkrock wall of sound bliss! Circuits was originally released in 1999 on the Vermiform label. It was well received, even charting on CMJ. Comprised of stellar originals, Scottish, English and North American folk songs and Child ballads, biblical lore, and choice pop folk cover tunes, Circuits is singular in its approach. Heavily referencing Steeleye Span and Pentangle’s moves in working with songs of the British Isles, as well as Jean Ritchie and North American Appalachian songlines in general, as well as DIY nosenik modalities, AFC uniquely adds to the history of these songlines. This reissue puts Circuits on vinyl for the first time as a deluxe double LP with a gatefold cover and a full bonus side of unreleased material . Circuits includes AFC collaborator Tara Tavi (ex-Blue Silk Sutures, Bastard Noise, Savage Republic, currently of Auto Da Fe) who plays yangqin (Chinese hammer dulcimer) and sings. Former Man Is The Bastard drummer Joel Connell plays tablas and percussion. Remastered for vinyl by Tim Stollenwerk (Mississippi Records, Sublime Frequencies, Fat Possum). Co-released by Turned Word Records. The four song bonus side begins with "Empire", a song recorded for a compilation that was supposed to be released by L.A. venue, The Smell. Barnes and Tavi are joined by then AFC member Erika Anderson (EMA, Gowns).The comp never saw the light of day, but Empire now has. "Yamasuka" adds fellow former MITB member, Aaron Kenyon on bass to this release and rounding off the bonus side are folk standards Knight On The Road and Bonny Greenwoodside. The latter recorded live at the Claremont Forum in 2001. Amps For Christ use unique instrumentation in an eclectic approach to play"folkcore", coined & defined by founder Henry Barnes. Mr. Barnes modifies Hammond organs to a fixed scale that defines AFC's sound. He builds his own electric bouzoukis, sitars, guitars, violins, metronomes, oscillators and noise machines. Prior to AFC, Mr. Barnes was a founder of Man Is The Bastard and Bastard Noise. AFC has at least 15 releases in their prolific catalog on labels such as Kill Rock Stars, Shrimper, Vermiform, RRR and Woodsist.

           2 X LP $18







         TRD WORD # 23  Village of Spaces ALCHEMY AND TRUST 12" 2nd Pressing LP and CD. Edition of 450.  

Having changed their name from Uke of Phillips, to Uke of Spaces Corners, this time around, on their 4th full length album, we see another moniker shift, to Village of Spaces. Collaborating with Michael Hurley, Big Blood, Ancestral Diet and Caethua, Alchemy and Trust might be this crew's most potent release to date if not their most deliberate and un-compromising. Recordings made over the last 3 years make up this Lp, which was recorded at The Pool Studios in Portland, Oregon, Big Bloods Tank 28 studios in So. Portland, Maine, and by Nemo Bidstrup at their home in MidCoast, Maine.    

CD $14



LP $14

                    1st LP Pressing OUT OF PRINT!   2nd Pressing AVAILABLE NOW!

Download at the band's bandcamp page http://villageofspaces.bandcamp.com/ 





 TRD WORD # 24  CAETHUA "The Summer Is Over Before It's Begun"  12" LP  Edition of 500.  SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Caethua is the project of Maine residents Clare Hubbard, now collaborating with Andy Neubauer.  As Caethua walks deeper and deeper into the fogged up landscape, they bring with them a Walter Carlos take on baroque tinged psyche folk, and post industrial tinted lenses for which to look through.   With a handful of releases under her belt on a variety of labels, The Summer Is Over is one of Hubbard's most realized works. Eight sonically perfect songs filled with heart-melting vocal melodies, and dream provoking lyrics. Tastefully accompanied by her piano, guitar, saxaphone and well placed soundscapes. She is joined on this record by the multi-instrumentalism of Andy Neubauer (Impractical Cockpit, Ancestral Diet, Flak Mask,Village of Spaces) who compliments this masterpiece with bass clarinet and cello. Recorded at The Pool Recording Studio by Alex Yusimov and artfully mastered by Tim Stollenwerk.    This is a split release between Turned Word and the debut release on the new Mississippi Records imprint, Water Wing Records.








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Uke of Spaces Corners "Flowers in the Night" 12"

ThiRD Word no.14 LP
The UKES bring us all another butter country moon fried farm folk bammer to sing or bang a gong along to. Once again this release features a full band of self taught weirdo clinger and clangers carefully caressing tones out of anything from an effected mandolin to a marble in the bottom if a well tuned 5 gallon bucket. Players include Andy Neubauer, Dan B, Amy Moon O-s, Kristen Myers, Caleb Gamble, and Ben Grubb. Cover art by Janel Beckman and printed by Leif Goldburg. Insert art by Amy Moon and Kristen Myers.



ThiRD Word no. 16, 500 pressed, Full Color Jacket.
Facilidad? is Impractical Cockpit's 7th full length LP since their inception more than 10 years ago in the cold and blustery Minneapolis winter of 1998. After several "relocation efforts," the band settled for 6 years in the vibrant port of New Orleans just after the turn of the new millennium, honing in on their signature approach to Noise infused songwriting. Always brewing up their own slog of psychedelic punk the Cockpits have managed to stay true to their all-analog asthetic no matter how difficult this can be on shoe string budgets. After their crew was totally displaced by the horrific events of Hurricane Katrina, the band re-formed in New Orleans in the Spring of 2006 to spend a month writing a new album, unavoidably inspired by the desolate depressed post Katrina landscape. Mountains of molding garbage lined the streets as cats claw and ivy tore through watermarked walls of recently abandoned buildings. The National Guard paced through the streets in armored vehicles, and constant gunshots rang through the thick stillness of decay and toppled over trees. After putting together a live set there, which was to later become this album known as Facilidad?, the Cockpits embarked on a 2 month tour, with a 2 week recording session scheduled right in the middle. Traveling in a home made vegetable oil powered motor home as a 5 piece band, with 2 dogs, and a battery of instruments, they played the album all the way through every night of the tour. The set varied wildly from night to night. The result is this multi-track recording, a culmination of all of their previous efforts summed up in an opus. Balkan informed brass arrangements get smacked to tape alongside the thick improvisational gumbo of triaged hand crafted paper reed horns and drum machines. Plywood gets smashed to shit and an abandoned warehouse stairwell provides an echochamber for choral arrangements complete with barking dog. On the albums closer "Guru's Plume," a homemade electric violin gets heavy usage, played in the Northern Louisiana Michot family tuning of EBEB. Shrill reverb drenched vocals are softened by intense but loosely slung rubber band looped keyboards while talismans are shaken is a steel tea cup. Now somewhat disbanded, each member of Impractical Cockpit seems to be digging themselves deeper into whatever sonic obsession they see fit for these crucial times. But that's not to say that this is the last time we're likely to hear from Impractical Cockpit. Produced and engineered by IPCP, Jeremy Harris and Ryan Fontaine. Recorded to 8 track 1/2 inch tape. Mastered by Peerless Mastering.



CD Releases::

Uke of Phillips(Spaces Corners) "Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack"

ThiRD Word no.4, 1000 pressed CD
The LP version of this seminal guttercountry classic has long been out of print, but the cd, with 3 extra songs is still available. Gloriously illustrated by Amy Moon.



Uke of Spaces Corners "Flowers in the Night"

ThiRD Word no.14 CD
The UKES bring us all another butter country moon fried farm folk bammer to sing or bang a gong along to. Once again this release features a full band of self taught weirdo clinger and clangers carefully caressing tones out of anything from an effected mandolin to a marble in the bottom if a well tuned 5 gallon bucket. Players include Andy Neubauer, Dan B, Amy Moon O-s, Kristen Myers, Caleb Gamble, and Ben Grubb. Cover art by Janel Beckman and printed by Leif Goldburg. Insert art by Amy Moon and Kristen Myers.



Uke of Spaces Corners County "ALBUMEN/OVUM"

ThiRD Word no.15, 500 pressed, Digipack covers with fullcolor sticker. CD
Paying tribute to the mighty egg, UKE OF SPACES CORNERS COUNTY take the opportunity to stretch way out on this release, with a collection of late winter early spring burners to welcome in the coming season of fertility and new beginnings. Neo-Sea shanties and dreaming yelping dogs make way for freight train field recordings and song poems, allowing a lush backdrop of defined yet spacious riffs to enter into the sonic field by means of electric, acoustic and prepared guitars, analog drum machines, stand up bass, trombone, effected keyboards, bells and fingersnaps. This is the cd version of previously released and now out of print cassette on Goaty Tapes.
The cd reissue features a print of a beautiful watercolor rendition of the original cassette cover art by Amy Moon.





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